Over 70 years of experience

The O.F.S. was founded by the Rolando Perino brothers in 1948. Born as a hot stamping of horse nails, in the mid-fifties with the purchase of more modern hammers it began to stamp the first gears and forks.

In the sixties, with the addition of new molding lines, new commercial relationships were created with various companies – among these today’s Dana Graziano and Berco stand out – which are still part of our customer base today.

The first but important technological improvements began in the seventies. It starts with the installation of new furnaces and continues with the purchase of the first screw press which replaces the now obsolete hammers for the production of gears.

With the expansion of the building at the beginning of the eighties, the production department was completely renovated. New technologies are introduced such as the ring rolling mill up to 10 kilograms, the 1000 ton press and the diesel furnace with automatic hot cutting. As a consequence, starting from the second half of the eighties, there was a significant increase in job opportunities and the customer base.


With the advent of the 2000s, a further technological increase began. In 2000 the mold construction department was created in a separate area, and within it there are not only the classic manual lathes but also the first CNC lathe combined with the CAD-CAM system. In the same year the first induction furnace was installed, in 2005 a new line was added equipped with a 3000 ton press in combination with a modern radial-axial rolling mill to produce rings up to 600 mm in diameter and a maximum weight of 40 kg. In the following years the second CNC lathe is inserted in the mold construction department for the creation of larger diameter molds and the second induction oven and, above all, 2 robotic stations serving each of the 2 lines dedicated to lamination are installed in the production department.

Coming to the present day, 2017 is the year of the beginning of the last evolutionary step that leads to the current structure of the company. The old building is expanded to double its size, allowing the creation of a covered warehouse for particular products and the last remaining diesel oven is replaced with an induction oven, as has already happened in the past for the other lines. During the three-year period 2020-2022, an air-conditioned metrology room will be created to best guarantee the quality of our products and in the mold construction department there will also be a modern CNC machining center which allows the creation of shaped moulds.

And that’s not all. Since for O.F.S. customer satisfaction is the primary objective, we also offer, where required by the design specifications, the mechanical processing of our products, fully guaranteeing their quality with certified and safe controls.

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