Hot stamping
and rolling

The beating heart of our company is made up of 3 production lines, 2 of which are also equipped with machinery to allow circular lamination.




The P1 Line, equipped with a 1000 ton Russian press, allows the molding of mechanical parts up to a maximum weight of 4 kilograms.

Linea_P2 (1)



The P2 line, equipped with a 2000 ton Eumuco press, allows the production of gears, hubs, cylindrical and conical crowns up to a maximum weight of 20 kilograms. This line is equipped with a rolling mill of our own design which allows us to produce rings up to 300 millimeters in diameter; an ABB robot is coupled to the rolling mill to ensure automation and greater production speed.

Linea_P3 (1)



The P3 line, equipped with a 3100 ton press, guarantees the production of gears, crowns and other mechanical parts up to a maximum of 40 kilograms. This line, like the P2 mentioned above, is also equipped with a modern radial-axial rolling mill which allows the production of rings up to 600 millimeters in diameter, and with a SIR robot to automate the production process.

To complete each line, our layout includes modern induction furnaces with related bar loaders, hot shears and deburring and calibrating presses.

To ensure that our entire production process is carried out correctly, we have a staff of approximately 20 highly specialized employees, continuously and constantly trained and educated according to today’s legal standards.